Cub loves good tunes because music soothes the savage beast in the cub.
My favorite artist has been ENYA for many years. Although I don’t love all of her songs, I do enjoy 90% of her compositions. If any music can soothe the savage beast in this cubby, it has got to be Enya’s music.
If I had to choose 3 fav Enya songs, I choose:
Book of Days
Cursium Perficio
Storms in Africa
{posted Jun 7,2017}

Umm, this cub enjoys happy stuff, happy songs, happy days. Having said that, cub has very few heartbreak songs in her iTunes. Only a few are honorable mentions, but the one heartbreak song that clearly wins over the rest is:
Dido’s White Flag
Next runner up is:
Ingrid Michaelson’s version of Somebody I Used to Know by Gotye
{posted Jun 8,2017}

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