Who doesn’t like food? Cub loves food!! The yummier, the better… but it must be healthy! This cub has willpower! After two months she has successfully eliminated sugar from her diet. Although not 100% “no sugar” but at least 90% of the time. Why? Because most baked sugary foods have few nutrients. So that means only fruits and other naturally sweet foods.
For dubious folks who might wonder if no sweets means a boring meals? On the contrary, after you have weaned yourself of sugary foods, naturally sweet foods like fruits actually taste sweeter. Even mildly sweet foods tastes sweet, not bland like before. This “no sugar” trained the taste buds to be more sensitive actually. And if cub does eat sweets, she has to drink water or tea to offset the sweetness.
“Crazy, self-depriving cub!” Actually, not.

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