Sims 3

This cub has been playing the Sims games since the original Sims, and even the discontinued Sims Online game. By far, Sims 3 is the most fun, and even though Sims 4 is now out, it is not as appealing as Sims 3.
What is not to like about owning a mansion and decorating it on whim with the thousands of furnishings supplied by the game or purchased from Sims 3 online store. Decorating house seems to be cub’s main fun factor in this game, not so much the actual gameplay, and trying out different careers is also fun.
Random screenshots from Sims 3:
1st – sim playing guitar
2nd – magical gnome on table
3rd – sim at Shang Simla (aka Sims 3 China)
About Sims 4:
Sims 3 is still the best…game play, content and graphic-wise.

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