Cub’s random roars…er…raves! Cub loves all things cute…cuddly…pretty!
Let’s start with collectibles. A true collector will try to collect as many as possible, which causes storage shortage. Cub has a few limited edition collectibles — dolls and teddy bear — so by definition, not a true collector.
A cub in love with a bear? A teddy bear, in fact! Muffy Vanderbear! Here is Muffy dressed in 2010 limited edition Chinese New Year of the Tiger outfit. So damn cute! ROOWWRRR




Cub also joined the Muffy Vanderbear Fan Club in 1998 but did not renew. The fan club may be inactive.
Here is an exclusive fan member pin from my 1 year membership fee:



What is so lovable about Muffy? She is the baby bear (7″ tall) in the Vanderbear family, which includes papa Cornelius (20″ tall), mamma Alice (18″tall), twin brother and sister, Fuzzy and Fluffy (both 12″ tall).
“Life is One Big Dress Up” The Vanderbears have movable limbs and come with extensive wardrobe and accessories for almost every occasion. In order to be a true collector, you will need a really… big …house since the biggest bear is 20″ tall… and a lot of cash as some discontinued bears cost $100+.
In 2013 North American Bear Company sold the Muffy license to Steiff, the famous German teddy bear makers, which manufactured some special limited edition Muffy Christmas and anniversary bears.
To read more about Muffy Vanderbear, please visit North American Bear Co. Sadly, North American Bear company has discontinued most of the Vanderbear line to make way for other cute teddy bears. If you want to collect the Vanderbears, just be careful when buying on Ebay as many are not in NEW condition, which is what true collectors want. Buy from North American Bear Store or a reputable online store.
{posted Jun 8,2017}

 A cub in love with a dolly…smells soo sweet kind of dolly called Strawberry Shortcake.



Scented dolls with really big heads. But they had their own allure as they were very popular back in the day. Strawberry Shortcake and her friends, including pets, were named after desserts and fruits. Yummy! Each doll and pet had unique scent — 36 dolls total made up the Strawberry Shortcake world.


Since her creation in 1980,Strawberry Shortcake has grown and evolved in the kids’ entertainment space and its dolls to be a popular item in the toy aisle.